About us

Our Story

Having spent many years travelling in search of whitewater rivers to navigate by kayak, I have been lucky enough to meet and experience many different cultures.

One of my most notable experiences with Chilli was actually on a European trip, having spent time exploring South Tyrol in Italy.

 I headed back over into Switzerland to where I had met a Mexican Chap by the name of Yair, whom at the time was working as a Mexican chef.

This was to be the start of a great friendship and the turning point in my search for great sauces and all things spicy. Having subsequently moved to France's Loire Valley the search for Chilli products was increasingly difficult,

My aim is to now be able to share some of my favourite products with you to enjoy.

Our Aims

Sourcing and providing great Chilli products for any palette.

Searching for something that anyone can enjoy.
Selecting the best products currently available.
Speedy delivery direct to your door.